Saturday, August 9, 2014

Wet n Wild Mega Length Mascara Review! ♥ LeggingsandLace

I recently purchased the Wet n Wild MegaLength mascara for $3.19 at CVS (you can also get it at Walgreens and Rite-Aid) with hopes that it was going to work.

The inner mathematician came out of me (or extreme couponer, what can I say) when I thought that if you're spending $3 on a mascara and replacing it every 3 months, that's only $12 a year on mascara! Whoohoo!! (well including tax and that extra 19 cents, it would bring it up like another dollar but WHATEVER I DONT CARE ITS STILL GOOD)


(I hope I get around to posting a picture of my eyeball with this lovely thing on it)
^^ spoiler!!

Yes, I do love it!!
Before you go out and buy it, know that I have naturally long and black eyelashes and all I wanted was a little extra length while still looking natural. This mascara gave me exactly that!!

If I said I wasn't wearing mascara, people would probably believe me. They would just envy my "natural" lashes.

On the 1st coat, there is no clumping at all.
On the 2nd coat, there is a tad bit of clumping, which probably wouldn't bother anyone else but me.
Also, the formula is as black as black gets, not that weird grey stuff.

Wet n Wild has never failed me!

If you have any questions about this mascara, let me know!!

♥ Angie