Saturday, August 9, 2014

Wet n Wild Mega Length Mascara Review! ♥ LeggingsandLace

I recently purchased the Wet n Wild MegaLength mascara for $3.19 at CVS (you can also get it at Walgreens and Rite-Aid) with hopes that it was going to work.

The inner mathematician came out of me (or extreme couponer, what can I say) when I thought that if you're spending $3 on a mascara and replacing it every 3 months, that's only $12 a year on mascara! Whoohoo!! (well including tax and that extra 19 cents, it would bring it up like another dollar but WHATEVER I DONT CARE ITS STILL GOOD)


(I hope I get around to posting a picture of my eyeball with this lovely thing on it)
^^ spoiler!!

Yes, I do love it!!
Before you go out and buy it, know that I have naturally long and black eyelashes and all I wanted was a little extra length while still looking natural. This mascara gave me exactly that!!

If I said I wasn't wearing mascara, people would probably believe me. They would just envy my "natural" lashes.

On the 1st coat, there is no clumping at all.
On the 2nd coat, there is a tad bit of clumping, which probably wouldn't bother anyone else but me.
Also, the formula is as black as black gets, not that weird grey stuff.

Wet n Wild has never failed me!

If you have any questions about this mascara, let me know!!

♥ Angie

Monday, July 28, 2014

Nyx Limited Edition Suede Palette Review! ♥ LeggingsandLace

Nyx has impressed me once again with their new limited edition Suede Eyeshadow Palette! I was so excited to go and pick this up at Ulta!

(I took these after I swatched it, so you can see the little circles in the shadows lol whoops)

Price: $11.99

I had a $3.50 off coupon for Ulta, so I got it for $9.00!!

It doesn't come with a mirror or any applicators, but it is such a lightweight palette.

Here are some lame swatches...
(I swatched with a very light hand to see just how pigmented they are)

These are all glitter shadows, which doesn't really make sense with the "Suede" name, but whatev.

This palette is AMAZING!!! Now granted I have only used drugstore palettes because I am a broke cheapo/wannabe extreme couponer (maybe), but the pigmentation is incredible and the colors are very buildable!
I'm most excited for the shimmering white (1st shadow) and the gorgeous copper (last one in first row)!!
I have the Nyx Love In Paris palette, and the shadows aren't great quality, but this palette blows that one out of the water, I love it!

I would highly suggest getting your hands on this palette before it's gone!

♥ Angie